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Clockwork 1888

This is the home page for Clockwork 1888, a campaign where a seemingly unrelated group of people have been drawn into the shady happenings of 1888 Earth, and beyond. The characters include Evgenia (a private investigator), Dracona (a fire-breathing street performer), Fredryck (a noble and stalwart Grenadier Guard), Archibald (a consummate Shakespearean actor), and Priscilla (an adventurous young woman).

They were just watching a fire-breathing street performer’s show when it all started …

The Clockwork 1888 wiki contains rules for character creation, character advancement, healing, a timeline and calendars of the years.

The Clockwork 1888 Adventure Log is in reverse chronological order.

This game uses the d20 Modern rules from Wizards of the Coast. All copyrights belong to them for their material.

This game is presently paused due to DM’s workload at work. Other games are being played and this one will resume after work lightens up a bit.

Home Page

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