Mime Girl

She's a mime that performs near where Dracona performs.


This mime started street performing a block away from and a few months after Dracona started her street performances. Sometimes the mime’s show includes a violin, a harmonica, a horn, a squirting flower or simple illusions. Other times she uses just a chair, a bag, a top hat, a beret, a bonnet, a parasol a monocle, a picture frame and other simple props. She has days with her hair tucked up under a hat, others in a ponytail, and yet others with her locks flowing around her face. Her outfits range from a masculine-looking suit, when portraying a male, to a simple, but traditional common dress. She even changes her hair color and uses wigs for different roles in her skits. Nobody has seen her without her white made up mime face.

Initially, the mime, whose show starts before Dracona’s, would direct her audience to view Dracona’s show after seeing the mime’s performance. However, the mime noticed that Dracona has gotten ‘friendly’ with the local criminal extortionists and the mime has since shunned Dracona. On the occasion where she catches Dracona’s eye, the mime mouths the word “traitor” before leaving. The extortionists still stop by, take in the mime’s show, and collect their ‘insurance’ payment from the top hat that the mime uses for donations.


Mime Girl

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