Don Marco Marciano (deceased)

A boss in the London crime organization


Don Marco Marciano is the man that contacts Dracona with little jobs for her to do for “the family.” He was won over by how she handled the Duffy gang that was trying a hostile takeover of the ‘family’ business.

Dracona was handling clients that were having problems making their “insurance” payments. She had been able to get the clients to pay on time and the full amount since she took over the “accounts.”

However, while Dracona was at the Rock (Gibraltar), the family made some inquiries with her clients and found that Dracona had been paying their fees. Some of the family wanted her dead for deceiving them. But, Don Marco convinced them to let him just teach her a lesson and demote her to more common thuggery. That way, a valuable asset could learn how “the business” works from the ground up and not make such mistakes in the future.

In an alley, Dracona was given her lesson. Don will contact her when he has an assignment for her to learn on.

Don Marco Marciano was killed by Edmund Fields and a charcoal drawing of him in death was in the montage room of Luther Grimes.


Don Marco Marciano (deceased)

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