Brina Adalbjorg (deceased)

Adoline's bodyguard


Brina is a woman friend that Adoline met in Oxford.

Brina is a Slovene name meaning “protector” and Adalbjorg is an Icelandic name of the Old Norse elements aðal “noble” and björg “protection,” which hence means “noble protection”. Brina is going with Adoline back to France for the holidays.

Whether Brina’s real name is this or not has not yet been determined. Brina has been hired by Fredryck Stanley to protect the woman he’s courting, Adoline. This came about after catching the psychopath Edmund Fields in Gibraltar. Edmund Fields promised to take revenge upon them and their families. It was considered a hollow threat until he escaped from the Gibraltar prison. With the news of that, Fredryck hired protection for Adoline.

Brina decided to covertly enter Adoline’s life and befriend her charge rather than present herself as a bodyguard. As headstrong as Adoline is, she might find a bodyguard annoying or smothering. But, as a roommate, collegiate and steadfast friend, Brina would have constant access to her charge and possibly be able to dissuade dangerous behavior, as well.

Brina was killed by Edmund Fields and a charcoal drawing of her in death was in the photo montage room of Luther Grimes.


Brina Adalbjorg (deceased)

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