Clockwork 1888 Session 37

Clockwork 1888 Date: Friday, July 27, through Friday, August 17, 1888
They arrived at the London docks and Norrington was waiting for them.

Visit from the mob.

Asylum fund raising parade. As the “parade” neared Dracona, one of the caged girls called to her, “188! W15S! Carmine!” Dracona recognized the woman in the cage as Victoria, a woman who had entered the asylum about the same time that Dracona did. Trying to avoid notice, Dracona made her way farther down the alley where she performs with the inmate calling after her. “188, things are bad, worse than ever, at the asylum; girls dying; lots of girls dying. Help us …”

The leader paused along the way, whispering and passing business cards to gentlemen or ladies that seem to show an interest. As the leader neared Fredryck, he held out a card to him. “You, sir, seem a man of wealth. If you’d have any special requests,” he winked at Fredryck, “I’m certain we can accommodate a man of your stature. We’ve our regular fund raiser coming up. I’m certain that we can find something that would be to your distinguished tastes.”

Fredryck abhorred the manner in which the women were caged and paraded about for entertainment. Mentally, he vowed to look into such tactics as he took the card. “I presume you have a permit for this charade,” he inquired. "But of course, the parade leader answered as he pulled folded documents from his pocket and showed them to Fredryck. Fredryck made note of the authorizing persons before letting the man continue. “There’s a donor banquet coming up. Details are on your card,” the man informed before moving on and handing a card to Archibald. The back of the card had an invitation to a night at the asylum for … whatever one desired for entertainment.

Fredryck was meeting with Prince George to ask about the state of asylums in the empire. Prince George looked at the card. “This place,” he said, “we’ve had an M operative go missing that was investigating this place,” he informed. “I’d ask that you attend their donor banquet, see what you can learn about this place, and if possible investigate the disappearance of our Dept. M operative that was working at the asylum. She went by the name of Rosetta Stone. She worked as a nurse aide at the asylum.”

The night at the asylum starts with dinner.


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