Clockwork 1888 Session 30

Clockwork 1888 Date: Friday, June 15, 1888
It took some convincing but Archibald finally convinced Sophia that Anthony had not hypnotized her and that he had to hypnotize her to learn what was going on. Consenting, it took a little time for her to calm enough that Anthony could hypnotize her. When she was under, he started with what she told the audience participant by explaining that they had just finished with the hypnotism part of the act and she had to escort the participant back to his seat. He gave her Fredryck’s arm and she walked him to the chair in the dressing room. She whispered, “Thank you for your participation,” and then added, “midnight, City Hotel, Room 410,” with a seductive smile before returning to Anthony and posing as she does at the end of their show.

Anthony complemented her on her performance and then had her rest a moment. “What else did you want to know?” he asked. “Take her back to her date with Fred Martin,” Evgenia suggested. “Why?” Anthony protested. “I have a hunch,” she answered. So, Anthony did as asked and they learned that her date with Fred Martin didn’t go as she had explained, earlier.

Under hypnosis, Sophia remembered being wooed back to Fred’s hotel after dinner. When he opened the door to his room, other men with guns were there and they subjected her to some kind of machine that they had in a large suitcase. That is when they put it into her mind to tell choose suitable audience participants and tell them to meet her at midnight in that hotel room. They surmised that whatever the machine was, it was making killers out of the audience participants that went to the hotel room. Anthony had her describe the men that were in the room and she even described an older one that the others called Dr. Hypnos.

“Should I break this hypnotist’s hold over her,” Anthony inquired. They wanted him to try but Dr. Hypnos did an in-depth job of it and Anthony’s first attempt failed. He told them what they could do to help break the hypnosis she was under and they assisted. This time, Anthony was able to break the hypnosis hold over her. He told her to remember all that had happened and brought her safely out of the trance.

They convinced Sophia to not leave the show, yet, if she still wanted to. They told her it would help to keep the fact that they were on to Dr. Hypnos a secret, perhaps give them an element of surprise. Checking the time, they saw that they could just make it to the City Hotel before midnight. So, into the carriages they went.

They arrived at the City Hotel at 11:45 pm. The desk clerk gave them the name of the person renting room 410, a Stanly Wilde. As they were at the desk, they saw Gerald Marino enter the hotel lobby. Dracona stopped him and informed him that he was in danger if he kept the date with the Sensuous Sohpia. After some conversation, Gerald handed over his flowers and left.

Up to room 410 they went. Archibald decided to play Gerald Marino and knocked on the door while the others lay in wait around the hallway corners. The door opened and Archibald found himself with a pistol in his face. “I’m here to see the Sensuous Sophia,” he said, “perhaps I have the wrong room?”

The man behind the door grabbed Archibald’s shirt and pulled him into the room, closing the door behind him. “I believe you may have me mistaken for somebody else,” Archibald said. “I was to meet a fine young woman here. I may just have the wrong room. Is this 410?” He counted 5 thugs in the room but didn’t see a suitcase of any kind.

“Be quiet,” the thug at the door said as he motioned for Archibald to move over to where two of his cohorts were. Then, there was another knock at the door. “Sophia,” Fredryck called through the door, “I have flowers for you, my sweet. It’s Gerald Marino, my dear. We met at your show.” The thug looked at Archibald and then at the door. He moved to the door and two other thugs joined him nearby, guns pulled.


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