Cults and Cabals

Cults and Cabals:
DarkRiderPin150.jpg The Dark Riders are an ancient society of lycanthropes. Centuries ago, they sided with the Turks against the Order of the Dragon. The Order of the Dragon stands against them no matter what they do. There was a lycanthrope that escaped in the French sewers but it is uncertain whether he was of The Dark Riders.

DeathsHeadCabal150.jpgThe Death’s Head Cabal is primarily from Germany. Their goals seem to be related to the domination of the world and Germany’s rise as a world power. The Diamond Cabal and the Death’s Head Cabal are two terms that are regularly used interchangeably for this cabal. They have been defeated at the Natural Bridge, VA, and on Mount Kilimanjaro. Alfred Von Tirpitz and the deceased Charles Julius Guiteau (assassin of US President James A. Garfield) are members.

invisibleman150.pngJack Griffin is not a group but is a scientist who, years ago, discovered a formula that turned him invisible. It is claimed that he went mad, or was killed. But, it is rumored that he faked his death at the hands of the Shepherds. He was never mad, but incredibly cunning. According to Alexander Matl of the Order of the Dragon, “I would fear him, if I were you. I fear him, and I am not you.” Jack Griffin unsuccessfully attempted to take from Alexander Matl the amulet that the party had found buried in Stonehenge.
The Order of the Dragon are old allies of the Vatican. They were founded to defend the Church against heretics. Some have also called them The Order of Saint George. They are to Hungary what the Order of the Garter is to England, or the Order of Saint Patrick in Ireland. The Order and the Keepers (organization before the Fellowship) have worked together in the past. Alexander Matl was a member of the Order of the Dragon.

SerpentPin150.pngThe Servants of the Serpent are a cult of Set, but that they worship other serpent gods as well. Their influence has reached halfway around the world, and they are seeking power wherever they find it. And, they aren’t very particular about the damage they do in their search. People from this cabal have been defeated in their efforts to get the amulets, including at Stonehenge and at the Grand Canyon. One of them asked for help in destroying an amulet.

SixFingeredHandSymbol150.jpgThe Six-Fingered Hand is a group of human, mortal lunatics who seek to destroy the world. They believe that man has grown too powerful and that eventually nature will create a backlash that will destroy us all. They feel that the only way to prevent natural disaster is to instigate unnatural disaster and hope that whatever survives treats the world better than we have. They have been defeated in numerous adventures.

FellwoshipPin150sq.jpgFellowship of the White Star is what the characters belong to. It consists of Hunters (the characters), Guardians, Gatherers, Keepers, Oracles, Watchers, etc. The Fellowship is dedicated to extermination of all supernatural evil forces on the earth. They only recruit individuals who will further those ends. The recruits include Fabian Williams, the deputy sheriff-coroner at the Natural Bridge in VA.

They will not recruit individuals who work poorly with others to serve as hunters. Missions are almost never solo so the ability to cooperate is paramount. Potential members who would force their views on their teammates rather than discuss the matter rationally will be passed over by the Fellowship for use as hunters. There are Fellowship members in most countries of the world but hunters are not as numerous as they once were.

The Fellowship frequently uses the White Star Line of ships probably due to the fact that keepers own much of the stock. The recognition symbol is a red square or rectangle with a white star in the middle, similar to the flag used by the shipping company.

The Fellowship grew out of various organizations that included the Librarians, The Keepers, The Rose, The Spark, The Shepherds and The Star. The leaders of those organizations were felled in a great battle and became disorganized or disbanded. The Fellowship is looking to increase its membership so if a former member of those or another potential member is found, it is to be reported so that the person can be formally contacted.

Cults and Cabals

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