These are the amulets that have been located and turned over to the Fellowship for safe keeping:

Date Amulet Location Found Design Guardian Description
9/21/1888 Galata Stonehenge, UK Turkish Fellowship Yellow
2/8/1889 Gadsonia (Acuatico) Grand Canyon, USA Aztec Alexandra Simone Turquoise blue set in gold
4/12/1889 Jefferson Natural Bridge, VA American Fabian Williams Black hematite disc (silver star painted on)
7/17/1890 Hippocampus Great Barrier Reef, Australia Aboriginal Fellowship Green
8/22/1890 Marangu Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa Arabic Fellowship

The Scrolls of Pulviae, 5 scrolls relating to the amulets, were found 11/26-29/1888 and turned over to the Fellowship.

And, on 4/12-19/1889 in Battle Creek, MI, the PCs secured a copy of notes and letters from Leroy Dubois (a necromancer from France in the late 1780s) on his research concerning the Scrolls of Pulviae.


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