Western Health Reform Institute Discount

Discount or 120 day advanced program invitation


Western Health Reform Institute Discount
The Western Health Reform Institute discount is 20% off the normal price of whatever stay the character plans to take. American citizens automatically receive a 20% discount so their discount is on top of that.

So, if a character with this reward plans to take 1 week on the normal program, it will cost a non-American $16, and American citizens $12, instead of the normal $20. If they plan to take 1 week on the deluxe program it will cost $40 for non-Americans and $30 for Americans instead of the normal $50.

Now, a character with this reward was also invited to partake in an advanced program. If a character spends 4 months (120 days), at a cost of DC26 (DC21 for non-Americans and DC16 for Americans with the discount) for the special advanced program, they can gain a permanent +1 to their Constitution score.

Any character that would not willingly accept the program and alter their lifestyle should not choose to work towards gaining this. The healthy lifestyle change should be reflected in the ongoing role play of the character and if they decide to significantly move off the path of good health, they should remove the bonus from the character.

If a character has had favorable contact with Dr. Kellogg, then he will offer to finance the treatment, charging only a nominal amount of interest. Characters that choose this option can pay $2,100 per month for 12 months.

Characters who have had an unfavorable contact with Dr. Kellogg cannot gain this certificate, the discount, or the invitation to the advanced program. A character can hold this certificate for later in the campaign when they can better afford the expense and/or time unit expenditure.


A discount was earned by all characters during A113 Intrigue at Battle Creek for the “Physiological Health Student” reward. In addition, all characters have been invited to partake in a 120 day advanced program, when they can.

Discounts will be provided as follows:

Thomas Corgis is an American citizen. He will get 40% off but he doesn’t know what he did to deserve it.

Drew McIntyre (portrayed by Bartley) is an American. So, Drew McIntyre (alias Bartley Vautrain) will get the 40% off as long as he poses as Drew McIntyre, which he has the credentials for (from the Fellowship).

Pat Birbiglia (portrayed by Dracona) is an American, a nursing student from Ann Arbor, Michigan. So, Pat Birbiglia (Dracona) can get 40% off (as long as she poses as Pat Birbiglia – that she has Fellowship credentials for).

Archibald, Evgenia and Fredryck are British citizens (using their own names) and are offered participation in the 120 day advanced program with a total discount of 20% off their normal non-American price.

The DM reserves the right to implement this according to the actual adventure where it is only an invitation (not with a discount) to participate in the 120 day advanced program at a cost of $25,000 (no discount).

Western Health Reform Institute Discount

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