Special diamond ore


Each character has one (1) special diamond ore rock. The special diamond ore can be used to create either 2 solid bullets or one shotgun shell. Weapons made from this material ignore DR adamantine and gain +4 damage against creatures with DR adamantine. Jacketed bullets can be made from this material.

There is a cost of $40.00 for materials, it takes 20 days and the Craft DC is 20 regardless of the item made. A gemologist or jeweler can mail the finished item(s) to you when completed.

Once an item is made from the special diamond ore, it may not be changed into another item. If you get bullets made, you must choose what weapon they are for (caliber). They can be replenished by digging the slug out of the body and putting it into a new cartridge for future use.


This material was found around the mine of Adolph Cannon near Canyon Diablo, AZ, during the Thunderbirds! adventure.

Special diamond ore

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