Reliquary of the Cross of St. Andrew

Cross of St. Andrew


This gold cross is about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Sealed inside it, according to Brother Michalis, is a piece of the cross on which St. Andrew was crucified.

Effect: Twice per day as a move action, the person who possesses the reliquary, provided they are of a Christian faith, gains the ability to cure hit point damage with a touch. The damage healed using a move action is a minimum of 1d8+1 hit point/level to a maximum of 1d8+5 hit points.

However, if a standard action is used to make a Religion check (this involves an adequate prayer to St. Andrew, Christ or God), then the touch is included in the standard action (allowing the person to move before or after). And, if the Religion check is 15 or greater, an additional 1d8+1 hit point per level can be healed for every 5 points that the check exceeds 15.

For example, if a 3rd level character takes a move action and makes no Religion check, they can heal 1d8+3 hit points to whomever they touch with the cross. If that same 3rd level character uses their standard action and they make a Religion check of 15, they heal 2d8+6 hit points to whomever they touch with the cross. If that same 3rd level character instead made a Religion check of 20, they would heal the person they touch for 3d8+9 hit points of damage. The maximum this reliquary can heal is 4d8+20 hit points of damage for a 5th level character who makes a Religion check of 25 or more.

Note: Up to 5 other people can assist in the Religion check. Each successful assist (DC=10 + 0.5*Level) adds a +2 to the check.

Acolytes: A character with levels in Acolyte (of suitable faith) can use this item an additional time each day equal to one-half the number of levels they have in Acolyte (rounded up). And, they heal an additional hit point per level of Acolyte up to a maximum of 1d8+10 (5 normal and up to 5 for Acolyte levels) for the move action use of the cross. The Acolyte bonus hit point healing also applies to the standard action use of the cross.

For example, a character that is 3rd level Dedicated and 2nd level Acolyte would heal 1d8+ 7 hit points (i.e. 1d8+5 total levels plus 2 for the Acolyte levels) as a move action. In addition, the example character could use the item 1 additional time, regardless of who used the two regular charges. And, if the Acolyte uses a standard action and makes the religion check, they could heal up to 4d8+28 hit points. The maximum an Acolyte can heal with this reliquary cross is 4d8+40 hit points of damage for a 10th level Acolyte that makes a Religion check of 25 or more.

The Acolyte feature is usable by the Acolyte regardless of whether the Acolyte is the possessor or not. For example, if the regular charges are spent by its possessor, a Level 1 or 2 Acolyte can pick up the cross and use the Acolyte feature once. If then an Acolyte of level 3 or 4 attempts to use the cross, they can use it once and only once more because the other Acolyte already used one that day.


After finding the tomb of St. Andrew in Greece and agreeing to keep the secret of the tomb, a priest of St. Andrew rewarded the PCs with a gift of health. Of course, the secret was out, anyway, due to the survival of Gabriella and some of her thugs, so the PCs were publicly credited with discovering the tomb of St. Andrew.

The old priest at St. Andrew’s Church in Penrith instructed Fredryck in the additional uses of this cross to which an Acolyte has access.

This item has more properties that can be discovered as the experience of the user (levels of Acolyte) increases.

Reliquary of the Cross of St. Andrew

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