Mastercraft Items

Mastercraft Item rules


This defines the use of the d20 Modern Mastercraft item:

As in the rules, a mastercraft item purchase cost is the same as the original item +3 for every plus of the item. If the Purchase DC is 15 or greater, the character’s Wealth Bonus will be reduced by at least 1 point. Of course, as on page 91 of the core rulebook, if the Purchase DC is 1-10 points higher than the current Wealth Bonus, it costs 1 point of Wealth, 11-15 higher costs 1d6 points, and 16 or more points higher costs 2d6 Wealth points. There is a maximum mastercraft of +5 that can be purchased for any particular item (weapon, armor, kit, etc.).

Any ranged or melee weapon can be made mastercraft to add a bonus to its attack or damage rolls. For simplicity, ammunition cannot be made mastercraft. But, a weapon can impart an increase to the damage of the ammunition if it has mastercraft that adds to the damage. Mastercraft cannot be used to increase the Critical, Range Increment, Rate of Fire, Magazine, Size, or Weight of a Ranged weapon. Mastercraft cannot be used to increase the Critical, Range Increment, Size, or Weight of a Melee weapon.

In addition, adding or increasing the mastercraft plus of an item takes time. A special gun barrel or improved edge to a blade does not happen overnight. So, a character may have to make due without their weapon or should plan such events in interim times between adventures. And, the mastercraft plus of any single item cannot exceed one-half the character’s level.

The mastercraft pluses can be applied as a bonus to the attack roll OR the damage roll. That decision is made at the time of purchase and cannot be changed once the item is purchased. That can be divided in any fashion desired by the player to improve the attack bonus or the damage bonus. And, each mastercraft bonus must be purchased separately.

As an example, Ed has designed his character to use a longsword (Purchase DC 11) and he wants it to be a mastercraft longsword. If Ed has adventured some, already, let’s assume he has a Wealth of 16. To make his longsword +1 to hit, the Purchase DC is 14 (11 plus 3). He can do that without a problem and his Wealth is not reduced to do so.

However, when he wants to make his longsword +1 to damage in addition to the +1 to attack, he must pay the Purchase DC of 17 (11 plus 6). Because this is over 15 but within 1-10 of his Wealth Score, this will reduce his Wealth by 1 point to 15. If he also wanted to increase his attack bonus by another point to +2, this would have a Purchase DC of 20 and he’d have to roll (or take 10 or 20) to see if he can afford it. On a roll of 5 or more, he can afford it but his Wealth score is reduced, again, to 14.

Mastercraft effects on explosives and splash weapons are still under consideration. Explosives and Splash weapons do not use an attack roll. Mastercraft can be used to increase the damage (1 for 1) or increase the Reflex DC. However, the explosive or splash material is used in the attack and is usually not recoverable. A person would have to track their use of such items. For this reason, I am considering allowing the user of such items to designate a flask or container of such material to be mastercraft. At the time the container is made mastercraft, the owner designates whether the mastercraft applies a bonus to the damage or increases the DC.

For armor, Mastercraft cannot be used to change the Type, decrease the Non-Proficiency Bonus, or reduce the Weight of the armor. Adding 1 point of Mastercraft to armor can add to 1 to its Equipment Bonus, or 1 to its Max Dex, or reduce the Armor Penalty by 1 (not below 0), or increase the Speed by 5 feet (but not exceed the wearer’s normal speed). So, plate mail could be +5 mastercraft with 1 to its Equipment Bonus (making it +9), 1 to the Max Dex (making it +2), use 1 to reduce the Armor Penalty to -5 (from -6), and use 2 to increase the Speed to 30 feet (1 for every 5 feet) for a maximum of +5 mastercraft. Keep in mind that that would also bring the Purchase DC to 38 (23 plus 15) and the person’s Wealth score would have to lose a minimum of 5 points.

Mastercraft can be added to kits (Chemical, Demolitions, Disguise, etc.) with each +1 of mastercraft providing a +2 bonus to the check made with the skill that uses the particular kit.


Mastercraft Items

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