Lee-Metford Rifle 1888-1895

Lee-Metford MLM 1888-1895

weapon (ranged)

Lee-Metford Rifle (a.k.a. Magazine Lee-Metford, abbreviated MLM)
Weight: 8 lbs 7 oz (3.827 kg) (unloaded), 9 lbs, 5 oz (with sword bayonet)
Length: 49.5 in
7 groove Rifled Barrel length: 30.2 in (767mm)
Cartridge: .303 Mk I
Bolt Action
Rate of fire: 20 rounds/minute
Muzzle velocity: 2,040 ft/s
Maximum firing range: 800 yards
Sights: Sliding leaf rear sights, Fixed-post front sights
Damage: 2d10; Crit: 20; Type: Ballistic;
Range: 80 ft; ROF: S
Magazine: 8 or 10; Size: Large; Weight: 9.3 lbs;
Purchase DC: 15

The Lee-Metford rifle (a.k.a. Magazine Lee-Metford, abbreviated MLM) was a bolt action British army service rifle, combining James Paris Lee’s rear-locking bolt system and ten-round magazine with a seven groove rifled barrel designed by William Ellis Metford. It replaced the Martini-Henry rifle in 1888, following nine years of development and trials, but remained in service for only a short time until replaced by the similar Lee-Enfield.


Lee-Metford Rifle 1888-1895

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