Electroshock Machine

This machine delivers electrical damage


The electroshock machine is portable and can be cranked up and readied to deliver a shock. There is an improvised weapon penalty of -4 on attacks made with the unit because it is usually not intended to be used as a weapon and so is not considered a simple, archaic or exotic weapon. Using both hands, a PC can make an attack roll at a -4 penalty to hit the opponent. On a successful hit with a melee touch attack, the attack does damage based on how much time was spent cranking the internal generator and the electricity damage reduces hit points. If the attack misses, the unit is not discharged and an additional move action can increase the damage to that of a standard action. The minimum cranking to deliver a charge is to crank as a move action using both hands. This move action can actually be made while moving. The maximum charge is achieved after 2 full rounds of cranking.

When the electroshock machine has a charge, a standard action melee touch attack at -4 and using both hands can be attempted to deliver an electrical shock to an opponent. If only one person is using the machine, it is assumed that the machine is tucked under one arm when making an attack. Cranking the unit using a move action will deliver 1d3 electricity damage Cranking the unit using a standard action (or using 2 move actions if the machine has not been discharged) will deliver 1d6 electricity damage. If the machine is cranked as a full round action, it will deliver 1d10 electricity damage. If it is cranked for 2 full rounds before discharging, it can deliver 2d10 of electricity damage. The maximum that the machine can hold is 2 rounds of cranking for 2d10 of electricity damage.

A critical hit on the attack roll does x2 damage and presumes that the attacker got good contact and critical positioning of the electrodes on their opponent. On a fumble, an attack roll of 1 on the d20, the attacker accidentally discharges the electric shock into themselves and takes the appropriate damage based on how long it was cranked. The cables for the ends of the electroshock machine are 5 feet long so one PC could crank while another PC attacks with it. If the unit is being used by two people, those two people must stay adjacent to each other because the wires are only 5 feet long. The attacker must be adjacent to the opponent in order to attack with the electroshock machine.

A successful Fortitude saving throw, allowed on each successful attack and even in the case of a fumble, reduces the damage by half and, unlike with standard electrical damage, being grounded has no effect on the results because the two machine electrodes are being used to make the complete circuit. The table summarizes the effects of a successful attack. The machine can only hold a charge for one hour before it begins to slowly discharge at one increment per hour until after a maximum of 6 hours (if fully charged) when it is fully discharged.

Electroshock Machine Damage
Action Type: Damage (Fort DC)
Move: 1d3 (10)
Standard (or 2 Move): 1d6 (15)
Full Round: 1d10 (15)
Full Round + Move: 1d10+1d3 (17)
Full Round + Standard: 1d10+1d6 (17)
2 Full Rounds: 2d10 (20)


Electroshock Machine

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