Apache Revolver

dirk-gun-brass knuckles

weapon (melee)

Pronounced a-PASH in French, this is a combination revolver, brass knuckles and dirk.
Cartridge: 7 mm pinfire
Capacity: 6 rounds in a cylinder
Self-cocking, No sights
Barrel: 1.15" long
Weight: 0.8 lb
Revolver Range Increment: 10 feet (due to little to no barrel on the pistol)

  • Revolver 2d6 Ballistic (x2 crit),
  • Brass knuckles 1d6+StrMod Bludgeoning (x2),
  • Dirk 1d3+StrMod Piercing (19-20/x2)

Reloading: 2 rounds can be reloaded or the entire cylinder can be swapped as a move action
Revolver Reliability: on a d20 attack roll of 1, the weapon jams (instead of firing) that requires a standard action to clear before it can be fired, again.


Apache Revolver

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