The amulets are a set. If all of the amulets are ever brought together, it will allow the return of a great evil to the world. An evil that only a few are insane, misguided, or greedy enough to work for. An evil that the Order and the Fellowship, as well as other qabals, worked together to banish.

These are the amulets that have been located and turned over to the Fellowship for safe keeping:

Date Amulet Location Found Design Guardian Description
9/21/1888 Galata Stonehenge, UK Turkish Fellowship Yellow
2/8/1889 Gadsonia (Acuatico) Grand Canyon, USA Aztec Alexandra Simone Turquoise blue set in gold
4/12/1889 Jefferson Natural Bridge, VA American Fabian Williams Black hematite disc (silver star painted on)
7/17/1890 Hippocampus Great Barrier Reef, Australia Aboriginal Fellowship Green
8/22/1890 Marangu Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa Arabic Fellowship


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