Zhang Chin

A Chinese wizard with an apothecary in Limehouse


Zhang Chin is a Chinese man who operates an apothecary in Limehouse, Chinatown of London. He’s a member of The Temple of Oriental Esoteric Wisdom, a gentleman’s club on Pall Mall.

Full of wisdom, he has been known to say things like:
“All can know good as good only because there is evil.”
“The body absorbs everything that it touches, even poison that would kill it.”
“The art is amoral. It knows no right or wrong. Good or evil is determined by the wielder.”
“Peace is not in the world but instead is in the people who walk it.”
“All creatures are one with nature.”
“Fear is the only darkness.”
“There are two kinds of strength. The outer strength is obvious but the inner strength, the chi, is more difficult to develop.”
“With every gain something is lost and with each loss there is something gained.”


In the Hell Hath No Fury adventure, unbeknownst to the party, he is the wizard that created a pendant for use against the vengeance demon. The incantation used to create the pendant is known only to him. This Chinese wizard will share the incantation with no one except his eventual successor, most likely his daughter Fen, who works with him in his shop.

Yet, he felt a calling. An oracle, Lady Anca Catargiu, also associated with the Temple informed Zhang that he was to gain a new student of the arcane arts. It would be a man from across the ocean named Bart.

Zhang Chin

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