Vernon Culver

Wanted his wife, Jane Campbell Culver, back.


Jane Campbell Culver was born and raised in Liverpool, England, that worked as a seamstress at a factory. The factory owner’s son, Vernon Culver, took an interest in her and courted her with all her family’s blessings – Jane was marrying up and would be a proper middle class lady. Unfortunately, as any seaman can tell you, calm waters sometimes hide deadly secrets.

Jane told her brother, Donald, that Vernon treated her pretty badly and she felt trapped. Not wanting to be a bother, she fled to the City and promised her brother that she’d contact him as soon as she could. Jane didn’t go into detail about the abuse, but her brother believes (correctly) that it was physical. Vernon was known to have a temper.

Mr. Culver dresses fancy all the time. He’s especially fond of hats, to cover his bald spot. He hasn’t done an honest day’s work in his life. He’s got reddish hair and beady green eyes set pretty deep. He looks like a snake.

In the hunt for his wife, Vernon Culver used a variety of henchmen. He initially tried the rough approach but then offered a reward to the PCs if they delivered his wife to him. In the end, the PCs delivered only her corpse (although the corpse was not Jane’s) that died from ingesting some strange blue flower mixture. Suffice it to say, he was not happy.


Vernon Culver

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