Peter Auguste

Evgenia's Investigative Assistant


Full Name: Peter Auguste
DOB: 8/16/1847


In session 100, on Thursday, Sep. 25, 1890, Evgenia returned from Kilimanjaro, Africa, to her family investigation business to find her new employee, Peter Auguste. Priscilla had hired him to help out while Evgenia was away on business. He was the son of one of her father’s friends, was a few years older than her and they were friends when they were younger.

He had just returned from serving England’s military in the Mahdist War (1881–99). Peter had stopped by Yermak Investigations to catch up with his childhood friend and ran into Priscilla. When she mentioned that #Evgenia was away, he was more than willing to work and was looking for gainful employment after his service time.
Priscilla wired Evgenia who approved his hiring figuring he would help bring in more of the male business, too.

and Monday, August 10, 1891,

The added business that Peter Auguste brought to Yermak Investigations meant that they started having more business discussions together at meals. And, Evgenia was getting the impression that her assistant’s interest was becoming more than simply business.

Peter Auguste

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