Lerwick Shrewsbury

A Fellowship hunter from Texas


Lerwick Shrewsbury is a Fellowship hunter based in Texas. The society tells him who or what to kill and he takes care of it. He’s been a member for three years, and is helping the society to find new members. He speaks like a Texan with a strong English accent and will speak frankly about the Fellowship, its mission and enemies. If others impress him with knowledge, bravery, or ingenuity, he’ll ask them if they wish to meet others.

Lerwick has a Fellowship friend, Dr. Leatherby, in Liverpool, England. During a visit with that friend, Dr. Leatherby was asked to travel to Manchester and investigate some strange disappearances. Shrewsbury offered to take the mission and
resolve it before he went home to the USA. The party rescued Lerwick from the were-spider in Manchester, England (Web of Lies adventure).

In Texas, Lerwick recently recruited a man, Bartley Vautrain, and his daughter, Julia Vautrain, as Fellowship hunters. After some initial training, he assigned Bartley to investigate the haunting of a church in Gibraltar. It was supposed to be a relatively mundane first solo assignment for Bartley. Bartley ran into the London hunter group in Gibraltar, there to investigate some murders for a possible visit by the queen. The London hunters worked with Bartley to solve the murders, make first contact with strange Atlantean reptoids, and help an air mephit return to its home plane.

The London hunters had been seeing a lot of action. Fellowship leadership felt that Bartley could learn a lot quicker if he were to work more with the London hunters. So, Bartley was assigned to the London hunter group. But, recent events have caused the London group to travel to the USA on Fellowship business.

Lerwick Shrewsbury

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