James T. West

A retired USA Secret Service agent and Fellowship operative


During his Secret Service days he was supposed to use an alias. Sure of himself, perhaps overly so, James T. West used his real name and continues to do so even though it might be dangerous to do so. He’s not run from danger before. Why start? As a retired USA Secret Service agent, Jim retired to Mexico where he lives on a nice hacienda.

Bartley Vautrain visited James West in Mexico. Bartley was looking for information on his father. During his secret service duty, Jim had helped the elder Vautrain right something that had haunted the crippled man for years. Jim spoke fondly of his time in the Secret Service and showed Bartley photographs of himself and his partner, Artemus Gordon.

James T. West was first seen by the party in the Thunderbirds adventure. He accompanied his father, Brigadier General and former Senator Joseph Rodman West, to a mine near Canyon Diablo in Arizona for a possible mine investment opportunity with the noble Canadian Stanleys. It turned out to be a ruse to get General West there to confront the ghost of Mangas Coloradas. After the ghost of Mangas proved to be a more just and merciful man than the general, Jim West revealed his association with the Fellowship to them.


James T West was born July 2, 1842, to Joseph Rodman West (20) and his scandalously recent wife, Jeanne (15). Jeanne met Joseph and conceived James in New Orleans after Joseph returned from the University of Pennsylvania. When Jeanne was found to be pregnant, the two immediately wed in a quick, impromptu ceremony. The 6 siblings of James T. West (Cordelia, Franklin, Jennie, Russell, Marion and Parker) were all born in wedlock.

Brigadier General Joseph Rodman West (9/19/1822 to 10/31/1898) is 67 years old and not yet dead. He is married to Jeanne J. West (1827-1896) and had 6 children after James T. West, Cordelia E Oreilly (1844-?), Franklin (1852-?), Jennie Belle Wood (1853-?), Russell (1855-?), Marion Somers (1857-1903), and Parker Whitney (1858-1947). He has 1 half-sister, Jane Rosalie West-Gibbs (1834-1897).

In January 1863, Mangas Coloradas decided to personally meet with U.S. military leaders at Fort McLane, near present-day Hurley in southwestern New Mexico. Mangas arrived under a white flag of truce to meet with Brigadier General West. Armed soldiers took him into custody and West is reported to have given an execution order to the sentries. That night Mangas was tortured with heated bayonets, then shot and killed as he was “trying to escape.” West retired from public life in 1885 but remained in Washington D.C. He dies on October 31, 1898.

When the ghost of Mangas requested that General Joseph Rodman West be brought to him for retribution, the 67 year old former Republican Senator (1871-1877) and oldest son arrived in a private railroad car. His oldest son is a former Secret Service agent, James T. West (about 47 years old at the time of the meeting).

James T. West

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