Bartley Vautrain

A Southern gentleman and proud Texan!


Updated through B206 Automatic (pre level 10 wealth roll and purchases)

Human Male
Classes/Levels: Smart 2 / Strong 1 / Infiltrator 4 / Mage 3

  • Height: 6’1"; Weight: 165; *Age: * 37
  • Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown; Skin: Med Brn
  • Occupation: On the Run. Wealth: +1; Feats: 1
  • Talents:
    • Savant [Demolitions‡],
    • Melee Smash,
    • Sweep, Improvised implements, Improved evasion,
    • Arcane skills, Arcane spells, Summon familiar, Scribe scroll, Brew potion,
  • Total Action Points: 82, Current Wealth Bonus: 42
  • Action Points Spent: 30, Recently earned/Spent: 0/0
  • Base: +4
    • Fellowship +15
    • Officials of Gibralter +1
    • Indians of Arizona +1
    • Kellogg Brothers +1
    • Illumines +1
    • Sarah Bernhardt +1
    • French Upper Class +4
    • French Religious Leaders -4
    • Massai +2
    • Chaga +1
    • Jekyll Island Club +1
    • Encountered Reptoids +1
Ability Scores
Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 15 (+2) Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 21 (+5) Wisdom: 13 (+1) Charisma: 11 (+0)
HP: 82 Fort: +6
AC: 20 Reflex: +7
Flat-Footed: 18 Will: +7
Touch: 20 Init: +2
Skill Bonus Skill Ability Ability Mod. Ranks Misc. Mod.
+2 Balance Dex +2
+0 Bluff Cha
+0 Climb Str
+5 Computer Use Int +5
+3 Concentration Con +3
+15 Craft (Chemical) Int +5 10
+5 Craft (Structural) Int +5
+8 Craft (Visual art) Int +5 3
+5 Craft (Writing) Int +5
+16 Decipher Script Int +5 9 +2
+15 Demolitions Int +5 6 +4
+0 Diplomacy Cha
+17 Disable Device Int +5 10 +2
+0 Disguise Cha
+2 Drive Dex +2
+2 Escape Artist Dex +2
+5 Forgery Int +5
+1 Gamble Wis +1
+0 Gather Info Cha
+1 Handle Animal Cha 1
+15 Hide Dex +2 13
+0 Intimidate Cha
+0 Jump Str
+18 Knowledge (Arcane lore) Int +5 11 +2
+20 Knowledge (Streetwise) Int +5 12 +3
+6 Knowledge (All others) Int +5 1
+7 Listen Wis +1 6
+15 Move Silently Dex +2 13
+5 Navigate Int +5
+0 Perform (All) Cha
+6 Profession Wis +1 5
+7 Repair Int +5 2
+13 Research Int +5 6 +2
+3 Ride Dex +2 1
+15 Search Int +5 10
+1 Sense Motive Wis +1
+1 Spot Wis +1
+1 Survival Wis +1
+0 Swim Str
+1 Treat Injury Wis +1
+7 Tumble Dex +2 5
+12 Spellcraft Int +5 7
+5 Use Magic Device Cha 5
Weapon Attack Damage Critical Range
Sword cane +9 1d6+1 18-20, x2
Knife +5 1d4+1 19-20, x2 10
Winchester 1873 (.44-40 lever action) 12 [1 w/in 30 ft] 2d10 20, x2 50
Colt SAA (.44-40) 11 [1 w/in 30 ft] 2d6 20, x2 15
Unarmed +5 1d3+1 20, x2

Spanish (TexMex) English Latin

  • Standard feats:
    • (1) Cautious, (1) Point Blank Shot, (3) Weapon Focus, (6) Precise Shot, (9) Heroic Surge
  • Free campaign/class feats:
    • (1) Simple Weapons Proficiency, (1) Archaic Weapons Proficiency
  • Occupation bonus feat:
    • (1) Personal Firearms Proficiency
  • Smart
    • (2) Educated
  • Strong
    • none
  • Infiltrator
    • (6) Dodge
  • Mage
    • (10) Studious
Special Equipment

1 Favor from Mr. Hyde
4# Special iron rocks
1 Special diamond rock
2 Indian Artifacts
A note for an investor’s share in Henry Ford’s future horseless carriage company
Western Health Reform Institute discount (used after A110)
Notice of the wererat prince of France
Secret membership to the Jekyll Island Club

1851-1861 Early Life in Vicksburg, Mississippi

Bartley Vautrain was born on August 24, 1851 to Noel and Georgiana (Norton) Vautrain. Noel was one of three sons of Spanish immigrants to Mexico in what became a part of Texas. His mother was the youngest daughter of a prominent plantation owner near Vicksburg. Georgiana’s father gave them Live Oak Manor as a wedding gift. There Bartley grew up with his older brother, Vincent, his uncle, aunt and two cousins.

1861-1865 War Years

At the outbreak of hostilities, Noel’s step-father arranged for him to take on a regiment. There Colonel Vautrain was joined by his older son, brother and nephew. As much as he wanted to join the war effort, 10 year old Bart was sent to his paternal grandfather’s ranch in South Texas.

In 1863, Grandfather Vautain arranged an appointment for Bartley on an older British blockade runner, the SS Kestrel, captained by a family friend. In June of 1864 Kestrel was attacked in the English Channel Union warship. Captain de Vega was forced to scuttle the ship but most of the crew escaped to Dartmouth, England. From there, Bartley joined de Vega as he returned to his home in Liverpool.

In late summer, Bartley signed on with what would become the CSS Shenandoah, an armed cruiser. The ship sailed to the northern Pacific where it preyed on whalers and other shipping until the end of the war. Then, knowing they could be hanged as pirates, the ship sailed the rest of the war around the world to Liverpool where she struck her flag for the final time on Nov 7, 1865.

1865-1872 Post War in Liverpool, England

After the Shenandoah’s crew was released by British authorities, Bartley elected to remain in England with his former captain. Flush with his earnings as a blockade runner, Bartley decided to resume his long-interrupted education. In addition to his formal schooling, he worked with the Kestrel’s former cook, who remained in his captain’s service.

By 1868, US President Johnson had extended his original the amnesty to all who participated, effective on Christmas day. Like many former raiders, Bartley did not return immediately but remained in England to complete his education. In 1872 he learned of his father’s death and decided it was time to return to the home in Vicksburg.

1872-1884 Cattle Drives and Cooking

The war had taken a toll on Bartley’s family. His mother, his aunt, uncle and their son had all perished. His father lost both legs late in the war and his bitterness drove his older son away. For the last seven years Noel had lived in Live Oak Manor with his niece, Amanda, until he perished in the fire that destroyed the manor.

Bartley and his brother were surprised to learn that most of what remained to the estate had been left to Amanda. With little reason to remain in Vicksburg, Bartley returned with his brother to their Grandfather’s ranch in Texas.

His return to Texas was during the heyday of the Texas cattle drives. Bartley was too old to be a typical cowboy, but as a cook, Bart soon found himself driving a chuck wagon across Texas with his brother Vincent and their Uncle Pedro. Between drives he assisted the cook on the ranch, staying with his brother’s family.

Grandfather Vautrain died in 1875 leaving the ranch to his son Pedro who turned the job of trail boss over to one of his sons. In 1877, Vincent was killed in a brawl in Abilene leaving behind his widow and a young daughter. Bart made one more drive, his sixth, in 1878. In the spring of 1879 he married his brother’s widow and adopted her daughter, Julia. Later that year the family moved to Dallas where Bart had arranged work as a chef in the Grand Windsor Hotel. His wife died in 1883 leaving him with his 15 year old step-daughter.

1884-1885 On the Trail

In the late spring of 1884 the last living descendants of Noel Vautrain learned that Amanda Vautrain had fallen ill and was not expected to live. In her letter, she asked that Barley come to Vicksburg as she wished to discuss a matter that concerned him and his father. Bartley took leave from his job and headed to Vicksburg with Julia. Amanda was weak but seemingly in control of her faculties. The story she had to tell belied that impression.

Unlike she had told her cousins in 1872, Noel did not simply die in the fire that destroyed Live Oak Manor; he disappeared without a trace along with three members of his regiment. It was a strange tale of magic and a wild scheme of a crazy man to restore his amputated legs. There was no real proof, only a sword she claims he used as a focus. But Amanda is insistent that Bartley, Noel’s last male descendent, may have inherited his “gift” and that it could drive him mad as well.

At first Bartley didn’t believe the story but was soon able to confirm some of the facts and eventually came to believe Amanda. He then agreed to search out the mysterious pair of federal agents who showed up at Live Oak Manor the evening before Noel’s death in 1872. Amanda was convinced that they could help Bartley to avoid his father’s fate.

Bartley made his leave of absence permanent while Julia initially remained in Vicksburg and cared for Amanda until her death that fall. After settling the estate, Julia joined Bartley on the trail. The two spent the rest of of 1884 on the long dead trail of the two government agents.

It was just after New Years in 1885 that the pair met Lerwick Shrewsbury in Marfa, Texas. He eventually tipped them off to the current location of one of the elusive agents, James West. It turned out, against all expectation, that the Yankee Secret Service agent had retired to a small town in Mexico. Even with this clue, it was several months before they tracked him down.

1885-1888 A New Direction

West was unable to shed much light on the story of Noel’s father. He was pretty certain, however, that the sword Bartley’s cousin Amanda had saved from the wreckage of the Live Oak Manor had nothing to do with the magic Noel Vautrain commanded. At West’s suggestion, they returned to Marfa and, with his recommendation, took a job working for Lerwick Shrewsbury.

Over the next three years Bartley and Julia did odd jobs with and for Shrewsbury. In the beginning they were mostly mundane investigations and straightforward hired muscle type assignments. Eventually the jobs became more unusual and by late summer in 1888 it was obvious the two had developed a knack for the supernatural. Bartley, in particular, was ready for formal training. By September, he was on his way back to England.

Bartley Vautrain

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