Adoline Clemenceau

A young, french nobelwoman.


Human Female
Classes/Level: Charismatic 1 or None

  • Gender: Female; Height: 5’4"; Weight: 125 pounds; Age: 22 (Born: 9/2/1869)
  • Hair: Auburn; Eyes: Blue with a hint of yellow around the pupils; Skin tone: Fair
  • Occupation: Dilletante: Wealth +6; 0 Bonus feats; Skills: Ride
  • Talents:
  • Wealth Bonus: +10
  • Total Action Points:
  • Base: +3
Ability Scores
Strength: 8 (-1) Dexterity: 13 (+1) Wisdom: 15 (+2)
Constitution: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Charisma: 17 (+3)
HP: 7 Fort: +2
AC: 11 Reflex: +2
Flat-Footed: 10 Will: +2
Touch: 11
Skills (not correct)
Skill Bonus Skill Ability Ability Mod. Ranks Misc. Mod.
+1 Balance Dex +1
+3 Bluff Cha +3
-1 Climb Str -1
+1 Concentration Con +1
+6 Craft: Visual Art Int +2 4
+6 Craft: Write Int +2 4
+7 Diplomacy Cha +3 4
+1 Drive Dex +1
+4 Gather Info Cha +3 1
+4 Handle Animal Cha +3 1
+4 Intimidate Cha +3 1
-1 Jump Str -1
+6 Know: Art Int +2 4
+3 Know: Behavior Science Int +2 1
+3 Know: Civics Int +2 1
+3 Know: Current Events Int +2 1
+3 Know: Earth & Life Int +2 1
+5 Know: History Int +2 3
+3 Know: Physical Science Int +2 1
+3 Know: Pop Culture Int +2 1
+3 Know: Theology Int +2 1
+2 Listen Wis +2
+1 Move Silent Dex +1
+2 Navigate Int +2
+3 Perform: Act Cha +3
+6 Perform: Dance Cha +3 3
+5 Perform: String Cha +3 2
+3 Profession Wis +2 1
+1 Ride Dex +1
+2 Search Int +2
+2 Sense Motive Wis +2
+2 Spot Wis +2
+2 Survival Wis +2 1
-1 Swim Str -1
+2 Treat Injury Wis +2
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Crit. Mod. Range
Club (aka Parasol) -1 1d6-1 20×2
Compound Bow +1 1d8-1 20×2 40 ft
Derringer +1 2d6 20×2 10 ft

English, French, German


Simple Weapons


Parasol (Club, make DC10 save to break after each use as a club), Fine clothes, Horseless Carriage, Compound Bow, Derringer, Gold Trojan Coin (from Fredryck Stanley)


Georges and Mary tell people that they got married in 1869 and had their first child that same year. Neither of them will tell exactly what date their marriage was but they’ll both adamantly oppose any opinion that Mary was pregnant before they were wed (even though she was about 6 months pregnant when they legally wed). But, it’s just unheard of in proper company. They had one of those elicit student-teacher affairs, she got pregnant, she tried to hide it as long as possible, they got officially married June 23, 1869, and baby Adoline was born less than 3 months later. Mary almost immediately got pregnant, again, and they had Madeleine on June 2, 1870.

Georges and Mary separated in 1876 after he became suspicious that Mary was having an affair with their children’s tutor. He insisted on a divorce (even though legally they could not divorce, yet) and, being a man of power, threatened her with imprisonment for adultery if she refused to comply. With his political connections she knew he could do just that. So, she signed the divorce papers and let him send her, childless and penniless, back to the USA. He boasted of his dominance over her. But, he never filed the divorce papers because he thought it would hurt him politically.

But the children, ages 3 for the youngest to 7 for Adoline, missed their mother and she, of course, missed them. So, after only a short time, Georges struck a deal with Mary. Mary was allowed to return to France to stay and raise the children. But, she had to get a job to support herself and she couldn’t have suitors. So, Mary worked as a gallery guide for American tourists, a purchasing agent for American firms and a writer for American magazines. And, Mary lived only for her children (perhaps the first helicopter mom).

Adoline Clemenceau, born Sep. 2, 1869 to Georges Clemenceau (of France) and Mary Elizabeth Plummer (USA), who were married in New York City. She has dual citizenship in both the United States and France. She met Fredryck Stanley while he was on assignment in France in 1886.

Adoline met Fredryck Stanley in Paris, in 1886. She was 16 years old and Fredryck was 19. Adoline was with her mother at the gallery when Fredryck and some of his military cohorts came in to browse. Adoline and Fredryck were immediately smitten with each other. Before Fredryck left France, he’d gotten permission from Adoline’s parents to write to her and visit when he could. Mary went along with it but was cautious. Georges, however, embraced the noble English lad in the only time they had met, so far. Adoline was in a private school for girls and she wrote to Fredryck every chance she got via post. There was a special occasion for her to visit England, though, and she sent a telegraph to him due to short notice.

Presently, Adoline is studying medicine at Oxford. Heading home to France for the holiday break, she visited Fredryck before leaving England. She brought a friend, another female student studying medicine, Brina Adalbjorg, who recently joined Oxford and shares a dormitory with Adoline. The two are traveling to France for the holidays. Brina claims she has no remaining family but was left enough finances to provide for her needs. Adoline invited her to spend the holidays with her family and Brina accepted.

Unbeknownst to Adoline, Brina was hired by Fredryck to protect Adoline after Edmund Fields escaped the Gibraltar prison. Edmund had threatened to kill each of them and their families and, with his escape, Fredryck will not take chances. Brina died protecting Adoline because Edmund Fields mistook her for Adoline, kidnapped and killed her to get back at Fredryck for his meddling with him in Gibraltar.

“Did I mention that in March of 1888 I met Prince Henry of Prussia? His yacht club had sailed into the Le Havre port where we were for holiday," Adoline mentioned. "He apparently expressed a romantic interest in me to Mama. Looking back, I think Mama was seeing if she could catch my interest with some man other than Fredryck. So, I think she encouraged him to pursue me and invited him to dine with us. I was only 18, fine 18 and a half, but at 26 he was 7 years my senior. Even then, I wanted only Fredryck so I rejected his advances. I heard that on May 24 of that year, he married Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine, his first cousin.”

Adoline Clemenceau

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