Clockwork 1888 Session 19

Clockwork 1888 Date: Thursday, May 18, 1888
After seeing the sights at Knossos, they went to the town of the old sailor that they had saved. They could tell that the townspeople were not friendly at all and downright suspicious of them, even though they didn’t speak the language. A young boy had followed them but could do little more than ask why they were there. A pair of

Finally Dracona went into the tavern, bought some fruits, and offered one to a woman who had been watching them as she hung her laundry. The woman seemed to call out, back to her house, and a young man came out. He approached and said something in the local tongue. “I don’t understand,” Dracona said, “do you want a date?” She held out one of the fruits to him in hopes of some kind of friendly reaction.

“I’m Mani,” he said, “I’ll let you know later if I want a date,” he seemed to wink at Dracona. They finally found somebody that spoke English. They informed Mani that they wanted to check on the old sailor. Mani, too, seemed suspicious of them and explained, “The old sailor has not yet recovered. He’s still unconscious at the local medical care facility. Why’s that your business?”

“We had rescued him before his ship exploded,” they explained. “I see,” he seemed to warm a little bit. “Thank you for that. So, you want me to contact you when he recovers?” “Actually, we’re investigating what caused his ship to explode. There seemed to be evidence of foul play and we are the types to look into it,” they replied. “I’m sure the local constabulary will handle the investigation,” Mani answered curtly.

“Look, we found this,” Dracona said producing the gold coin, “when we rescued him.” Mani eyed the coin. “Can I look at that,” he requested. Dracona handed it over with, “you can’t keep it.” “Do you know what this is?” Mani inquired. Priscilla and Evgenia filled in their knowledge of the time period of the Trojan War, the time when the coin was apparently produced. Mani looked blankly at them, “so now you’re now looking to get more of these for yourselves?”

They assured Mani that they weren’t in it for the gold. They said that they were also the people who discovered the tomb of St. Andrew, some days ago, and that they turned over all that was found to the church. With the telegraph in regular use, word travels fast around the Mediterranean. “That was you?” Mani questioned. They assured him it was them and that their intentions were only honorable.

Convinced, Mani escorted them to the tavern. The people who had earlier shied away from them now smiled at them as Mani said something to the people in their native language. Mani asked that they have dinner while he checked a few things out. He assured them that he’d return and they’d discuss things further when he got back.

As they finished their meal, Mani returned and pulled a chair up to the table. “Okay,” he said, “let me tell you a part of the story that’s not so known. After the Trojan War, Helen was returning when, during a storm, one of her ships was lost. Nobody knew that it carried some of Helen’s treasure and nobody knew where the ship went down … until recently.”

Mani continued, “During a storm, Kafouros’ ship had sunk. When he went to try and salvage his stuff from his ship, he found it sitting upon another ship, much older than his. Kafouros had discovered the lost ship of Helen of Troy and has been helping to recover and store the lost treasures and artifacts. We want to keep this quiet so that treasure hunters don’t plunder it before it can be claimed for its rightful heirs. But, somebody must have learned of it. Recently, some of the artifacts were stolen and Kafouros’ new ship was destroyed.”

Mani then took them to where the artifacts are stored. They proceeded to search the place for some way that the thieves could have entered and found an acid damaged padlock on one of the skylight security shutters. Following that they also found the scrape marks that the thieves’ grappling hooks would have made on the roof edges. Returning to the interior, they located muddy boot prints that they then searched for outside. Following the boot prints they found themselves led to the shore.

The thieves must have gotten away via a small boat. They then proceeded to ask around until they found a shepherd that had spotted a ship farther from the shore. He thought it strange that the ship was flashing its signal light at the shoreline but didn’t think any more of it until they questioned him. The shepherd led Mani and them to where he was when he saw the ship.

They decided to check up the sloping hillside before heading down over the cliffs to the sea. As they searched, they located a small tunnel, barely 5 foot around, leading into the hillside. Looking carefully, they spotted a series of wires crisscrossing the tunnel a few feet in. Working carefully, they disarmed the trip wires and removed the attached grenades.

While they were clearing the tunnel, Dracona made some makeshift torches and, with the tunnel clear, they were ready to proceed. Dracona went first but found that the tunnel took a sharp turn downward. Fredryck obliged by tying off a knotted rope from his pack and bringing it in with him. Dropping the rope down and leaving the torch at the top, they proceeded.

Nearing the bottom, Dracona heard voices speaking in a foreign language and could see light coming from beyond a large passage. Try as she could, she didn’t land on the floor gracefully enough to keep her arrival quiet. She moved forward slightly in the darkness to allow Fredryck to continue down. But one of the voices was approaching.

Dracona moved forward, took a swig and prepared to light up the first person she saw. However, the person with the light moved up and suddenly she was exposed. A gunshot erupted from the darkness, the bullet striking her. Fredryck landed, pulling his sword as he charged the location where the gunshot had gone off. Finding his mark left the man dead on the ground. The others scampered down the rope and into the fray. Finally, the people in the cave were defeated. A second one with a lantern was spared so that they could gain information.


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