Clockwork 1888 Session 115

Clockwork 1888 Date: Wednesday, June 1, to Thursday, June 2, 1892
As they returned to the table that Conklin had vacated in his hasty departure, they discussed options. “One option is to confront him directly and another option is to hire him to do some photography,” Bartley deduced. “He was at the bar when we were there,” Evgenia reminded, “so he’d probably recognize us.”

“We could disguise ourselves,” Archibald offered. “But what could we learn while having a photo taken?” Dracona inquired. “How long do these things last once they are summoned,” Archibald quietly questioned as he changed the topic.

“Summoning spells that I’m familiar with have a fairly short duration,” Bartley informed in a hush. “The summoned creature is only around for only a few minutes.” “Could it be some kind of construct that he created instead of summoned?”

“It was a summoning spell based on what Evgenia showed us of the hand gestures,” Dracona informed with Bartley agreeing. “But, there could be something that I don’t know,” Bartley admitted. “It’s unusual for it to be around for the time span between the concrete thefts and the construction site destruction.”

They decided to postpone any confrontation and do some research on Grimes. Dracona, Archibald and Evgenia checked what they could find out on the street while Bartley did some research at various places. Their initial investigation learned that Grimes was 32 years old. He lives on the 5th floor of the 5 story brick office building where he rents the first floor as his photographic studio.

The entryway had a foyer with five large mailboxes embedded into the wall. The first floor box was listed as Grime’s Photography Studio and Quaint Posings while the second floor was for Meijers Advertising Studio. The third floor mail box listed Brian and Joan McGinnis and the forth was Fred Merlin.

The fifth floor was simply listed as residence. From the foyer, the door ahead had a frosted glass front labeled Grime’s Photography Studio and Quaint Posings. To the left was a staircase leading up to the other floors.
Bartley learned that Grimes’ father died when he was a child but Grimes became a pretty good photographer.

He was the expedition photographer on an expedition in the Brazilian rain forest. In the investigations, Bartley was able to piece together a complex shell game of aliases and false businesses that led to one conclusion. The other three floors were also rented by Grimes under false names and he even occasionally had fake mail sent to them.

After debating their options for confronting Grimes about the missing concrete and the apparent summoning, they decided to observe him before taking any actions. They were hoping to catch him as he went to unleash the summoned creature on some construction site. They decided to take watches while people tried to get some rest from their previous night’s rat hunting.

Bartley agreed to take the first watch so that he could rest up later and choose different spells for the next day. Dracona took the next, Archibald the third and Evgenia the last watch. They got a temporary room nearer to Grimes’ studio so that they could plan their next steps and stay close in case Grimes did something.

So far, Grimes was only guilty of the theft of the concrete and that was not a death sentence offense.


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