Clockwork 1888 Session 108

Clockwork 1888 Date: Monday, February 8, 1892
Disembarking from the train, Fredryck was emphatically greeted by Adoline as Evgenia and Dracona followed. Anticipating the delay, Archibald and Bartley had made their way to exit from the front of the car. But as the others were getting off the train, a gunshot broke through the night air as a man appeared out of nowhere.
Another man appeared out of nowhere, charged up to Fredryck and pounded him with brass knuckles. A woman also appeared as she fired at them. Then the area went silent as another man appeared from thin air. And, finally, a fifth person appeared and fired at them.

From the mental images she had gotten, Evgenia recognized the assailants as the five that had killed Vensa in Trondheim. Fredryck moved up, drawing his sword and attacking, as the others exited the train with most taking up firing positions. Evgenia drew a pistol and fired but Archibald was feeling bold and moved in to flank the brute with Fredryck.

The brute struck at Fredryck, again, as the other man and woman fired and the mage cast protections upon himself. Bartley fired as did the other opponent. Then Dracona moved into position and magically protected herself.

The gunfire scattered people while Brina, Peter and James took Adoline, Fenn and Debbie from the immediate scene and to cover behind one of the support posts near the carriages on the street. Brina, Adoline, Peter and Debbie drew pistols to defend their position. Peter and Debbie were the only two firing, though, because Brina insisted that Adoline not make herself a target by shooting. “Fredryck needs to focus on the enemy so we shouldn’t worry him by joining the fight,” Brina insisted.

Fredryck struck at the brute thrice, hitting hard with two of the blows. Evgenia shot the brute while Archibald swung his sword cane but barely grazed the brute. Enraged, the brute swung wildly at Fredryck and then shifted out of being flanked by stepping next to Fredryck. The man and woman shot again, missing Evgenia but hitting Archibald solidly.

Then the mage saw an opportunity. Bartley recognized the spell but it was too late to warn anybody as the lightning bolt tore through Archibald, Bartley, Dracona, and Fredryck. Archibald was able to dodge it completely but the others got caught in it as the mage moved up and unleashed his next barrage. A semicircular burst of fire sprayed from the mage’s hands to engulf Bartley and Archibald. Bartley cast a spell to increase his strength in preparation for melee combat as he moved into melee.

The acolyte said a prayer for his allies and then moved up to the brute and touched him, healing him. But, Dracona too caught an opportunity to use her own fire as she blasted the brute, the acolyte and the mage. The mage was not as agile as the other two so Dracona’s fiery breath set him on fire.

But, the acolyte seemed unfazed by her blast. So, Dracona blasted the three of them, again. Shots came from Peter and Debbie as Brina ushered Adoline and James toward their carriage and farther away from the fight.
Fredryck moved up and swung at the mage, who had gotten a little too close when he used his burning hands. The blow was silenced by the effect in the area but his sword ripped through the flaming mage’s body, practically cutting him in two. Before the acolyte could even react, Fredryck cleaved into the acolyte, slaying him too.

The two deaths signaled a definite turn in the combat and Evgenia shot the brute as Archibald, with the brute not next to him, drew a gun and fired at one of the assassins but missed. The brute stepped up to Fredryck, enraged at the deaths of the others, punched Fredryck twice. The female switched from using her gun and almost gleefully drew a large knife. But her attack missed Bartley and the other assassin shot at Bartley, still missing due to Bartley’s magical protections.

Bartley stepped up to the female assassin and struck her as Dracona stepped up to the brute and breathed fire upon him, setting him aflame, too. After tearing the mage and acolyte apart with his sword, Fredryck was in a rhythm as he sliced heavily into the enraged brute, killing him, too.

Evgenia shot the female assassin and Peter, who had moved closer, shot her too. Archibald joined in the attacks upon the woman assassin. The assassins withdrew from the combat, the woman trailing the man. Bartley decided to put out the burning body of the mage as Dracona did the same to the brute. Fredryck ran around to cut off the fleeing assassins.

Evgenia, Peter and Archibald shot at the fleeing assassins as they ran up and got into their carriage. Bartley tried to stabilize the acolyte but it was too late to save him. Dracona ran up to the carriage and blasted it with fire but the assassins avoided it. By this time, James, the Yermak butler, and Adoline had gotten to their Mercedes’ and were starting them.

Fredryck moved up to the carriage horse and grabbed the reins of the horse to keep the signals from moving the horse. Evgenia moved up and shot at the figures in the carriage, hitting the woman. Peter shot too but missed and Archibald advanced and shot the female assassin, dropping her.

To live to fight another day, the male assassin dropped the reins and dashed across the street, fleeing into the night to escape capture. With the battle over, the whistles of the bobbies filled the night. Peter got close enough to the femal assassin to recognize that she had come to Yermak Investigations the prior day.

“She explained that she was seeking Evgenia’s help in having her husband followed to see where he had been going of late,” Peter explained. “I offered to start the investigation but she insisted that it had to be Evgenia,” he continued. “We had gotten your telegram from Aberdeen so I told her that we expected you back tomorrow. I didn’t know she was…” his voice trailed off.

“You’re fired,” Evgenia told Peter bluntly. Peter was shocked at the finality of her statement and couldn’t even speak to defend himself. “He was hired to take care of your business while you were away. This isn’t his fault,” Archibald defended the befuddled Peter.

“I was joking,” Evgenia softened. “There was no way for you to know that she was after us. Even if I had told you to be on the lookout, all they had to do is watch the business and follow you when you left. There was nothing you could have done.”

The arriving bobbies recognized Evgenia and the others. They inquired with Fredryck if he would cooperate with their investigations into the events of the evening as other bobbies were gathering witnesses to the train station attack. Bartley had stabilized the captured female assassin so that they could to turn her over for later questioning by the detectives.

With the mass of confusion, the bobbies were holding everybody at the train station until it was all sorted out. Luckily, Norrington arrived on short order and released them to go check out the hotel key found on the one person. Getting to the hotel, they found that the one room had been hastily vacated. Descriptions were provided to the police to be on the lookout for the escaped male assassin.

The phylactery was still safely in Fredryck’s possession and they went as soon as they could to meet with Bloom. Back in Bloom’s well-appointed study, Bloom was pleased that they had succeeded. He also advised them that it would be a good idea to stay out of Sweden until some of the Fellowship’s Ambassadors can smooth things over with the authorities. As they turned over the phylactery to Bloom for destruction or whatever the Fellowship had planned for it, they also informed him of the grave news that their contact in Sweden had been murdered.


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